John Eaton Elementary School

Washington, DC

GCS-SIGAL provided construction services for the John Eaton Elementary School with our Joint Venture Partner Grunley Construction Company, Inc. and CGS Architects. The school is in Cleveland Park, D.C, Ward 3. Eaton was founded in the 1900s with only 20 students. Flash-forward to the present day, it has become a diverse learning community of about 500 students serving all four city quadrants. The project included the construction of the 89,000 SF school including classrooms, a cafeteria, a gym, an auditorium, common spaces, and small group rooms for collaborative work and one-to-one teaching. John Eaton brings together children from different cultures, so to display their "One Culture, Many Children" motto, the design included world language scripts, geography maps, and internationally themed art installations on the walls around the building.